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John O’Connor Optometrists, based in Dublin, Ohio, is a full service optician clinic offering state-of-the art vision care services to both adults and children. The Henderson Eye Center is run and owned by Pamela R. Henderson, MD. We take care of our patients’ needs, with your needs are our first priority. For over 35 years, we have been serving patients through providing affordable eye health care services. With your vision being the most important thing in life, we are committed to giving you the best vision care possible. We believe the best eye health care should be available to all individuals regardless of their income, age, geographical location or education.

Opticians provide comprehensive vision examination, diagnosis and treatment for individuals with eye problems. One can experience a range of eye exams, ranging from routine eye exams to emergency eye examinations. These opticians offer state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and medical diagnostic software. They are fully trained and experienced in performing all types of eye examinations. Our qualified Henderson eye doctors provide state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and medical diagnostic software. They offer a full range of eye exams.

You can get routine eye exams from John O’Connor Optometrists. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes at set intervals, usually every year or on occasion, depending on your age and how you care for your eyes. In between eye exams, your eye doctor may perform cleaning and disinfection procedures. You will probably be given a prescription for lens cleaning drops to use at home, or at the office, according to the instructions on your prescription. A prescription for an eyeglass case is also available at your optometrist’s office.

If you have vision problems, such as strabismus or cross eyes, you should have a comprehensive eye exam at the start of each year. Most Henderson eye doctors offer free comprehensive eye exam to you, as part of their annual eye clinic or general health practice. It is important to have a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year, according to the American Optometric Association. During your eye exam, the eye doctor will check for any eye disease or condition, evaluate your eyesight and conduct a thorough visual inspection. He will examine your eyes for redness, discharge, puffiness, irregularities, blindness due to eye disease, and any other issues. He will also look to determine if your eyes are comfortable and may need adjustments.

Most Henderson eye doctors recommend yearly eye exams, in order to detect any potential problems that may arise and to keep your eyes healthy. These exams are usually quick and easy, requiring little preparation. You will generally be given instructions and asked to close your eyes for a few seconds, then blink for about a minute. You will be asked to look at a small pinpointed area on your monitor. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist will give you the results of your eye exam and discuss what he or she recommends.

If you choose to receive a more detailed exam through glasses or contacts, your opticians will be able to customize a program to ensure you get the best possible care. There are many factors that go into determining how often a patient should undergo eye exams. Age, overall health, how you care for your eyes and the frequency of visits can all play a role in when you should have an eye exam. Many patients, for example, choose to wear glasses or contacts on certain occasions or for short periods of time. John O’Connor Optometrists can determine whether or not these eye practices are appropriate and whether you should wait before receiving glasses or contact lenses.

The frequency of visits can also depend on whether or not you currently have any eye problems. For example, if you currently have a detached retina, John O’Connor Optometrists may recommend that you wait and try to correct this problem before scheduling an eye exam. In addition, if you have had eye surgery, it is recommended that you wait a minimum of six months before scheduling your next eye exam. A patient’s overall health and vision ability can also play a role in when he or she should schedule his or her next exam. Patients who smoke, have dry eye syndrome, have a family history of eye disease or who have eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration may not be a good candidate for routine eye exams.

When a patient schedules an eye exam, he or she should make sure that he or she is seen by the best opticians. This is because not all Henderson eye doctors are trained in treating eye conditions. Some are merely technicians who perform basic procedures on patients’ eyes. If the eye care professionals treating your eyes don’t know the proper techniques or methods for treating your particular eye issues, it is best to leave the issue to the experts at Henderson Eye Centers.